POST DATE:   April 12, 2013

Shane Koyczan To Speak

I think we might have it all wrong.

I think the people who can teach us to see the “why” are the ones we must seek out, listen to, follow. That’s who I’ve invited to speak at Camp.

Many of those people are poets, in one sense or another, either in words or in the way they do business or help others–they see beneath, around, below the surface of things, deep into the core of things. They help us see differently, find our own passions, know what resonates inside us.

I first heard Shane Koyczan‘s powerful voice when I was watching the Olympics in Canada, awaiting k.d. lang’s performance. Suddenly, there he was speaking to me.

Recently featured as a TED 2013 speaker, Shane speaks truth to power. His words will be the perfect end note for our fierce weekend getting below the surface of things. Shane will remind us why we came to Camp in the first place by reigniting our courage, helping us reclaim our creativity, and bringing us together in powerful community before we make our ways home, tied together in ways we cannot now imagine.


I am so excited he’ll join us there. This is going to be a transformational weekend.


Patti Digh